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Lavender Vines

MEET Tiffany


Hi, I’m Tiffany! I’m a travel lover, small business owner, and expert-level cat cuddler.

My online journey began when I experienced the love of God so radically and so profoundly that all I wanted to do was tell others about how amazing Jesus is. I started this blog in hopes of somehow inspiring others in their walk with the Lord.

Since then, Lavender Vines has grown to reach hundreds of thousands of people, which is kinda amazing because talking about Jesus all day, everyday is basically my idea of a good time.

I’m especially passionate about sharing just how much Jesus loves you & has a purpose specifically for you – it’s unreal.

So my new friend, I encourage you to get nosy. Poke around the site, download my free eBook (highly recommend!) and use these resources to go deeper in your own faith.

No matter what you’ve been through, you could never be too far gone. His grace abounds in deepest waters so, what are you waiting for? Dive on in.

Let’s be


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The Daniel Fast

Want to go deeper in your faith?

I started fasting about 4 years ago and ohmygoodness it has changed my life for the better. I experienced breakthrough, revelation, and a closer intimacy with God like I had never experienced before. Now fasting is a regular part of my walk with Jesus!

If the idea of not eating for a day makes you wanna run for the hills, then don’t fret. There are many different ways to fast, and the Daniel Fast is one of my personal favorites!

Click through to read more about the importance of fasting and how the Daniel Fast can lead to breakthrough in your life!

Daniel Fast
Called to Blog

Called to Blog?

Blogging has been one of the most rewarding endeavors I have ever taken on. It’s grown me as a believer, a creator, and a writer, and given me the opportunity to impact hundreds of thousands of lives. Sounds great, right?

However, there is a downside.

Success did not, and rarely ever does, come overnight. It was through blood, sweat, and tears (and a ton of prayer!), that my blog has grown to the size it has.

Trust me when I say, when I started blogging I did everything the WRONG way. That’s why I want to help you.

I’ve put together a FREE 7-day email course outlining how you can start your own successful blog. I explain how to set up your blog correctly and fast-track your way to getting pageviews and even getting paid.

If blogging is something the Lord has placed on your heart, you’ll want to sign up for sure.                                     

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