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The Ultimate Guide to the Venice Beach Boardwalk

The Venice Beach boardwalk is famous! It’s featured in countless movies and is the quintessential landmark for the surfer/hippie/skater lifestyle. It’s a must if you’re in the Los Angeles area. Come and bask in the SoCal sun, and enjoy a day on the Venice Beach boardwalk. 


So here we go!


The Ultimate Guide to the Venice Beach Boardwalk


Venice Beach Boardwalk



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Venice Beach Boardwalk


Stretching from N. Venice Boulevard up to the Santa Monica Pier (another classic!) this boardwalk has it all. Although the boardwalk extends all the way to the pier, it dies off a bit around Breeze Avenue.




Venice Beach Lifeguard Tower - Venice Beach Boardwalk


Parking around Venice Beach can be tough. But, I’m going to let you in on my fail-proof parking area. ? Park along S. Venice Boulevard. It’s free! But check the signs just in case. I guarantee you’ll almost always find a spot. There are also a few paid parking lots between N. Venice Beach and S. Venice Beach Boulevard.


Be careful with your belongings. Roll up your windows, lock your car, and don’t leave any valuables visible. This may seem obvious, but you’d be surprised what you forget to do. Or maybe that’s just me. ?


What to Do: Venice Beach Boardwalk


Surf Lessons - Venice Beach Boardwalk


There’s so much to see and do here! Part of the fun is just walking around and taking in the unique, Venice Beach vibes.


Some recommendations are:

  • Rent a Hulu Bike – One of the most classic “Venice Beach to-do’s” is renting a bike and biking the boardwalk. If you really wanna channel the Venice Beach vibes, wear a string bikini and cut off shorts. 🙂
  • Shop the boardwalk – You’ll find everything from classic SoCal beach clothing to one of a kind spray painted surf boards. There are shops galore, so explore!
  • Surf Lessons – Do as the locals and learn to surf! The Pacific Ocean is notoriously freezing at any time of year, so be sure to suit up!
  • Venice Skate Park – I mean, have you seen Lords of Dogtown? Check out the real Venice Beach skaters at the skate park.
  • Venice Beach Drum Circle – Saturday and Sunday from 3pm-8pm check out the Venice Beach Drum Circle.
  • Chinese Massage – These places are actually pretty good! Get a massage for as little as $5.
  • Basketball Courts – There’s a recreational area here where people come to watch basketball. Join in a game or sit back and watch!
  • Soak Up the Sun – This may seem obvious, but can’t be left unsaid. Come and enjoy the beach!


Venice Beach Boardwalk


Venice Skate Park - Venice Beach Boardwalk


Where to Eat: Venice Beach Boardwalk


Amazebowls - Venice Beach Boardwalk



Definitely come to the boardwalk for food. There’s so many great places to try! You can get anything from fair-esque foods like kettle corn and lemonade, to healthy options like fruit and smoothie bowls.


My recommendations:

  • Poke-Poke – I. Love. Poke. This place is fairly new, and really yummy!
  • Amazebowls – You gotta try a classic acai bowl!
  • Figtree Café – Come here for the outdoor patio overlooking the boardwalk.
  • Menotti’s Coffee Shop – This is the cutest little coffee shop. Come here for the relaxing, cozy atmosphere.


Menotti’s Coffee Shop - Venice Beach Boardwalk


Other Tips


Venice Beach Boardwalk


  • Careful with your belongings – As said above, be careful with leaving belongings in your car, or on the beach
  • Bring cash – Some places may only take cash, so be prepared.
  • Bring a light sweater – It can get shockingly windy and cold along the waterfront, bring a cover-up just in case.
  • The water is cold – The Pacific Ocean is actually quite a bit colder than the Hollywood movies make it appear.
  • People will sell you marijuana – Marijuana is super common around Venice Beach. Be prepared for people to offer it to you on the streets.


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Venice Beach Boardwalk


What’s your favorite part of the Venice Beach Boardwalk? Love to know in the comments below!


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