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The Ultimate Guide to Venice Beach
(Beyond the Boardwalk)

October 18, 2017

When you think of a guide to Venice Beach, most people just think of the boardwalk. After all, Venice Beachโ€™s boardwalk is famous! The first time I went, I only experienced the boardwalk. The second time, with the help of a friend whoโ€™s a local, I found some other neighborhoods that were equally as fun to explore.


Want to know what to do besides the boardwalk, here we go!


The Ultimate Guide to Venice Beach

ย  (Beyond the Boardwalk)


Venice Beach Boardwalk


The Ultimate Guide to Venice Beach


Okay, okay, I know this post is about going beyond the boardwalk. But the truth is, you simply canโ€™t go to Venice Beach and not experience it.


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And thatโ€™s all Iโ€™m going to say about that. Moving on!


Abbot Kinney

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Abbot Kinney - The Ultimate Guide to Venice Beach


Abbot Kinney Boulevard is my favorite neighborhood in Venice Beach! This mile-long strip has โ€œcoolโ€ etched all over it. Itโ€™s sophisticated yet trendy. And true to the Venice Beach street-style, it exudes an effortless, โ€œI just woke up like thisโ€ perfection.


Where to Shop


Abbot Kinney - The Ultimate Guide to Venice Beach


OMG where do I even begin? You really donโ€™t even need recommendations, everything is gorgeous and drool-worthy. But some favorite finds are:


Where to Eat


The Butcher's Daughter - Abbot Kinney - The Ultimate Guide to Venice Beach


  • Salt & Straw – Best ice cream EVERRRR (enough said)
  • Kreation Juicery โ€“ Great juices and healthy food
  • Lemonade โ€“ Casual-fun restaurant with lots of different choices. And of course, lemonade!
  • The Butcherโ€™s Daughter โ€“ Go here! Or at least stop by and have a peak. In some way please acknowledge its existence, itโ€™s gorgeous!
  • Gjelina โ€“ Pizza, coffee, lunch, pastries, you name it. The smells alone drifted me towards this place.


Where to Grab Coffee


Blue Bottle Coffee - Abbot Kinney - The Ultimate Guide to Venice Beach


  • Intelligentsia Coffee โ€“ This is an Abbot Kinney staple. Itโ€™s been here forever and is really more of an experience than anything.
  • Blue Bottle Coffee โ€“ Great coffee option, and itโ€™s originally out of San Francisco!


The Venice Beach Canals

Google Maps


Venice Beach Canals - The Ultimate Guide to Venice Beach


What, there are canals in Venice Beach? That was my reaction when I heard about them. And itโ€™s not just hearsay, there really are canals in Venice Beach!


I urge you to venture out and explore this spot. Here the dream of romantic walkways, gorgeous mansions, and charming canals still lives on. I recommend an evening stroll around the walkways at sunset. ๐Ÿ˜‰


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Main Street

Google Maps


Main Street - The Ultimate Guide to Venice Beach


Main Street is where youโ€™ll find more mainstream shopping brands such as Free People, Billabong, and Planet Blue. However, donโ€™t fret, youโ€™ll still find boutiques galore here.


Stop for a bite to eat at Bareburger, or refresh yourself with organic coffee or juice at Main Squeeze.


Bare Burger - Main Street - Ultimate Guide to Venice Beach


Rose Avenue

Google Maps


Venice Beach Wines - Rose Avenue - The Ultimate Guide to Venice Beach


Rose Avenue is where you leave the touristy stuff behind, and really experience Venice Beach as a local. Along Rose Ave youโ€™ll find yoga studios, great restaurants, a wine bar, Whole Foods, and more!


  • Cafรฉ Gratitude โ€“ Vegan restaurants with an outstanding atmosphere! #HomeDรฉcorGoals
  • Venice Beach Wines โ€“ This cozy spot is the perfect Friday night hangout, complete with lovely outdoor patios
  • Groundworks Coffee โ€“ There are a few locations around Venice Beach, but this one is larger with a trendier vibe.


Santa Monica Farmerโ€™s Market

Google Maps


Santa Monica Farmerโ€™s Market - The Ultimate Guide to Venice Beach


North of Venice Beach youโ€™ll find an amazing farmerโ€™s market in Santa Monica. Itโ€™s available Wednesdays, 8:30am to 1:30pm. Head towards 2nd Street and Arizona Avenue and youโ€™ll run right into it. They offer amazing produce, fresh flowers, and more!

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The Ultimate Guide to Venice Beach


What would you add to your guide to Venice Beach? Love to know your thoughts below!



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