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Travel Tips

Travel Tips

50 Realistic Ways to Save Money for Travel NOW

May 1, 2018
How to save money for travel

The most common question I get (ironically mostly from real life – not so much from my blogging life) is how I afford to travel so much. I do not travel full-time. However, I have traveled to 54 countries so far, and plan to continue traveling as much as possible. But how have I managed to do this? If you don’t know me then let me introduce myself.…

Travel Tips

8 Simple Steps to Creating a Savings Plan (even when you know nothing about budgeting)

April 24, 2018
How to create a travel budget

Are you struggling with creating a savings plan and saving money? I know this stuff is no fun (*cue crying emoji*), so I am going to break this down into easy, bite-size steps for you. The easiest way to follow along is to write everything down as we go. This will help you stay organized and visually see for yourself where your money is being spent, and exactly…

Travel Tips

4 Ridiculously Simple Steps to Keep Your Vacation on Budget Every Time

April 18, 2018
How to create a travel budget

YAY, so you want to create a travel budget, do ya? That means you’ve decided to make travel a priority and you’re wanderlusting after some amazing destinations. I totally get it, this has been me my entire life. But to make those dreams a reality, you gotta budget. Travel ain’t free ya’ll. Side note: I actually don’t have a country accent, but I do like to throw out…

Travel Tips

12 Tips for Finding Cheap Flights Every Time

April 12, 2018
How to find cheap flights every time

How can I find the cheapest flights possible? That’s what everyone wants to know right? I have traveled more flights than I can really count or remember, and the thing is sometimes I scored and sometimes I didn’t. Thankfully, I figured out a method of flight search that leaves me comfortable with my purchase every single time. Could I have gotten $50 cheaper if I kept searching for weeks…

Cuba Travel Tips

The Ultimate Guide to Traveling Cuba as an American

March 13, 2017
Cienfuegos, Cuba

UPDATE: As of June 2017 changes have been made under the Trump Administration regarding travel to Cuba. Travel to Cuba for Americans will still be possible, however you will have to travel with an organization that holds a license to take groups to Cuba. There has been a large influx of Americans traveling to Cuba lately, including myself. For over half a century the borders of Cuba have been…

Travel Tips

5 Reasons Why January is the BEST Time to Travel

January 13, 2017
January Best to Travel

Over the years, I’ve noticed a pattern in myself; I have a tendency to travel when other people don’t. I’ve found I tend to book my holidays in the wintertime. This way, I’m not traveling during the summer months when everyone else is taking off for their yearly vacations. Usually I opt to leave chilly America and travel to warmer climates during January and February, and even March.…