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Discover 18 (Amazing!) Things To Do in Tijuana

August 28, 2018
Things to do Tijuana, Mexico

Tijuana is filled with lots of fun things to do! When I lived in San Diego I made little day trips and even weekend trips to Tijuana all the time. If you plan on visiting Tijuana but aren’t sure what to do, I know this post helps you. Tijuana is located in Mexico close to the San Diego border. Most people only know about Tijuana from the crime…

Mexico Travel Tips

San Ysidro Border Crossing: Everything You Need to Know for Visiting Tijuana

August 14, 2018
Guide to Visiting Tijuana, Mexico

The San Ysidro border crossing can seem a bit intimidating if you’ve never done it before. However I have visited Tijuana many times and that is why I have decided to break down the best ways to cross the San Ysidro border. Tijuana has really undergone a restoration process in the past couple of years. Slowly but surely Tijuana is shedding its darker past and reinventing herself as…


Discover Tijuana’s Underground Hipster Scene (Who Knew?!)

April 13, 2017
Tijuana, Mexico Hipster Scene

Believe it or not, Tijuana has a budding hipster scene going on. If you live in Southern California, crossing the border to Tijuana is like a rite of passage. Recently I’ve heard friends talking about Tijuana’s budding hipster scene. I was like, “whaaaaat? I must go and see”! So I recently took a day trip across the border, and here’s what I found. Tijuana does have a hipster…