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Discover 18 Things To Do in Tijuana

April 25, 2017
Things to do Tijuana, Mexico

If you’re in the Southern California area, I would highly recommend a dip across the border into Tijuana. The crime and drug scene that dominated the news a few years back is practically gone, and a new Tijuana is emerging. I was pleasantly surprised to see that Tijuana is revamping itself with an exciting craft brew scene and making headlines with their innovative cuisines. Read more: The Ultimate…

Mexico Travel Tips

South of the Border: The Ultimate Guide to Visiting Tijuana, Mexico

April 19, 2017
Guide to Visiting Tijuana, Mexico

If you’re in Southern California, you might have thought about visiting Tijuana. Tijuana’s raunchy, strip club scene of old is practically gone, and instead has undergone a refreshing revival in gastronomy and craft brewery. Even a surprising hipster scene has emerged!  Tijuana was also in the news for crime and drugs wars, which kept tourists away. Now Tijuana is a safe place to visit again. But since safety is…


Discover Tijuana’s Underground Hipster Scene (Who Knew?!)

April 13, 2017
Tijuana, Mexico Hipster Scene

If you live in Southern California, crossing the border to Tijuana is like a rite of passage. Recently I’ve heard friends talking about Tijuana’s budding hipster scene. I was like, “whaaaaat? I must go and see”! So I recently took a day trip across the border, and here’s what I found. Tijuana does have a hipster scene going on! Little pockets of Tijuana are filled with cozy cafés,…