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12 Things You Must Do in Havana, Cuba

March 9, 2017
Havana, Cuba

Havana could quite easily be described as the heartbeat of Cuba. With stunningly preserved 18th century architecture, la ramba reverberating through the streets, and antique cars zipping through the alleys, this city is like none other. It’s loud, crowded, dirty, sometimes smelly but always enchanting. You’ll find you can wander through the streets for hours and still find something captivating lingering at every corner. 12 Things You Must…

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20 Photos to Inspire You to Visit Havana, Cuba

March 8, 2017
Plaza Vieja, Havana, Cuba - 20 Photos to Inspire you to Visit Havana, Cuba

Ever since American travel to Cuba has been possible again, I have been salivating over the idea of visiting this forbidden country. I honestly didn’t know what to expect besides what I’ve seen in American movies. You know, dreamy Havana nights, super strong coffee (yum!), cubano sandwiches, salsa dancing, and a country that seems to still be living in the 1960’s. But it all sounded extremely inviting, and…