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The Easy Way to Properly Set Up Rich Pins on Pinterest

How to set up Rich Pins on Pinterest - 4 Easy Steps!

If you are using Pinterest for your blog or business, then setting up Rich Pins is super important. But perhaps you have no idea what Rich Pins is or why it’s important, so let me explain.


Rich Pins are pins on Pinterest that contain additional information about the pin. This added info is useful for the pinner, and also increases the chances that someone will either save or click on the pin.


Because of Rich Pins, whenever something is pinned from your website, Pinterest will pull that additional information onto your pin. This information includes adding your profile picture and contact name under each pin, and pulling information such as your blog post title and keywords.


The pulling your blog post title and keywords part is huge. I believe Rich Pins also help Pinterest properly keyword your content so that your pins are keyworded correctly and start ranking within the Pinterest search engine.    


The easiest way to tell that a Pinterest user has set up rich pins is when you see the Pinterest user’s profile picture and contact name under their pins. You can check out my recent Lavender Vines pins to see what I mean.


How to set up Rich Pins on Pinterest


There are now several different types of Rich Pins such as article, product, recipe, movie, place, and app Rich Pins. However, this tutorial is for article Rich Pins, which is perfect for bloggers. 🙂


So, in this tutorial I am going to show you how to set up Rich Pins on Pinterest with WordPress. The process is easy and simple, so follow the following steps and you will have Rich Pins set up on Pinterest in no time. Let’s dive on in!


The Easy Way to Properly Set Up Rich Pins on Pinterest


1. You Must Have a Pinterest Business Account

In order to enable Rich Pins on Pinterest, you must have a Pinterest Business account. This is a simple process and it’s easy to convert your personal account to a business account.


2. Install the Yoast SEO Plugin

In order to set up Rich Pins, Pinterest needs to pull certain meta tags from your website. This may sound daunting, but don’t worry, that’s why we’re using the Yoast SEO Plugin.


Besides using Yoast SEO for Rich Pins, I recommend you install this plugin anyways because it is my favorite tool for ensuring your posts are properly optimized for SEO (search engine optimization). Basically, by using this tool, you are boosting your blog’s chances of ranking higher in for search engines such as Google. #winning


Once you’ve installed and activated the Yoast SEO plugin, go to the Social tab in the settings and then to the Facebook tab (Yoast SEO -> Social -> Facebook). Make sure the Open Graph meta data is set to enabled at the top.


How to set up Rich Pins on Pinterest - YOAST SEO


3. Validate Your Rich Pins on Pinterest

Now you need to head on over to the Rich Pins Validator. Pick any post on your website (it HAS to be a blog post, not the homepage) and enter the URL into the validator box and click “validate”.


How to set up Rich Pins on Pinterest - Rich Pin Validator


 You’ll see a message saying that your pin has been validated.


4. Now You Need to Apply!

Next you will click the “apply now” button. Now you just wait to hear from Pinterest that you have been approved. Some people are approved instantly, while others can take up to a week. If I remember correctly my Lavender Vines account took about 24 hours for approval. So, not too bad of wait. 🙂


And that’s it! You have now successfully set up Rich Pins on Pinterest.


Some other helpful Pinterest tips:

  • Use the MiloTree plugin to organically grow your Pinterest following. (It seriously works!)
  • Make sure you have the “jQuery Pin It Button for Images” plugin to add the cute little “Pin It” Pinterest icon to your images. This helps your readers repin your content easily!


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How to set up Rich Pins on Pinterest - 4 Easy Steps! 

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