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Paris, Je T’aime

January 26, 2017
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I have always had a deep desire to travel the world. As a little girl, I remember going to the school library, browsing through the travel section and flipping through the photos in the travel books. I would be mesmerized by the photos of England and India specifically.

I am very fortunate to have been blessed with a family that was able to travel quite a bit growing up. We mostly travelled to resorts in Mexico or took cruises within the Caribbean. I am so happy I have those experiences, but I always knew something was lacking. I desired to see the culture, eat the local food, and interact with the people, not merely experience a slice of America on a resort in a foreign country.

For my high school graduation present, I was gifted with a trip to France and my first trip to Europe in general. OMGGG my mind was blown. Never in my life had I seen anything so beautiful, so romantic, so fashionable, and….so tasty! And keep in mind I went in March. It was freezing cold, and overcast and raining the majority of the trip. But the weather did not faze me in the slightest. I was in love. I returned to the United States forever a changed person, with a completely different look on travel and the world in front of me.

Because of this experience, (and because Paris is ridiculously fabulous) Paris has remained a special place in my heart.

Since that high school trip I have travelled to 53 countries on 6 continents, and have no intentions of stopping there.

After all, the world is your oyster – and I plan on enjoying it!

What inspired you to travel? Did you have a game changer moment? Let me know in the comments below!


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