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Take a Peek Inside Mexico City’s Trendiest Neighborhoods!

Mexico City's Trendiest Neighborhoods

Mexico City has some of the trendiest neighborhoods I’ve seen. These colonias (neighborhoods) are where the fashionistas of Latin America come out to play. While wandering through the streets, you might wonder if you’re actually still in Mexico. Between the art galleries, boutiques, snazzy coffee bars and restaurants, there is as much culture and charm as any large metropolitan European city.


Nestled away from the hustle and bustle of the historic center, these nieghborhoods were established in the late 19th century and early 20th as a haven for the wealthy. The homes and buildings were constructed in the French, Italian, and Spanish style architecture. Nowadays these neighborhoods all have a few things in common. They are the essence of Mexico City’s avant-garde scene, with a splash of bourgeoisie meets bohemian charm.


Leaving the historic center and exploring these neighborhoods was like a breath of fresh air. They are so refreshingly chic, I just couldn’t help myself but to say, “Damn Mexico, you trendy!


Mexico City’s Trendiest Neighborhoods


1. La Condesa

Let’s start with arguably the most popular, La Condesa, or simply Condesa. This beautiful neighborhood is one of Mexico City’s most fashionable.


It actually consists of 3 colonias:

  • Colonia Condesa
  • Colonia Hipódromo
  • Colonia Hipódromo Condesa. 


La Condesa is mostly residential, with wide avenues lined with trees and gorgeous 19th century architecture. Although residential, this neighborhood is also known for its nightlife. It’s one of the best places in the city for dancing and bars. ??


Cafe Toscano - La Roma, Mexico City


You’ll also find many drool worthy boutiques, and a plethora of bars and cafés.


El Ocho - Mexico City's Trendiest Neighborhoods



There are also two beautiful parks, Parque Mexico and Parque Espana. They’re great for an afternoon stroll, featuring fountains, statues, and a playground. Parque Mexico is particularly intriguing, as it used to be a horse race track for the Jockey Club of Mexico. It was later transitioned into its current state, a family friendly park.


Parque Mexico - Mexico City's Trendiest Neighborhoods


Personal Favs:


La Esquina del Te - Mexico City's Trendiest Neighborhoods



Azul Condesa - Mexico City's Trendiest Neighborhoods



2. La Roma

La Roma (Colonia Roma or simply Roma) is my personal favorite! It has a similarly artsy and bohemian feel, but with more of a hipster edge. Roma is actually not one neighborhood, but is now two: Roma Norte and Roma Sur. You’ll find many residential buildings have been turned into businesses. La Roma is a neighborhood you could wander and explore for hours. ?


Colima Street - Mexico City's Trendiest Neighborhoods


The architecture on Colima Street is lovely. Near the Plaza Río de Janeiro and Plaza Luis Cabrera you’ll find many bistros, cafés, gelateras, bookstores, and art galleries.


Blanco Colima - Mexico City's Trendiest Neighborhoods


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3. Colonia Juarez – Zona Rosa

Colonia Juarez is north of Condesa and Roma, and is best known for the Zona Rosa, or Pink Zone area. It too has an artistic and bohemian vibe, and is also home to Mexico City’s gay community. The pedestrian street, Calle Genova, is the main drag, with Londres and Calle Hamburgo also being great streets to wander down. Sex shops are dotted around these streets, so be prepared if traveling with children. The neighborhood is a bit more business-y and you’ll find a lot of fast food chains. In recent years an influx of Korean immigrants has made Zona Rosa their home. Because of this, it has even been nicknamed Pequeño Seul or “Little Seoul”.


Colonia Juarez - Zona Rosa - Mexico City's Trendiest Neighborhoods


Colonia Juarez - Zona Rosa - Mexico City's Trendiest Neighborhoods


Personal Favs:


Plaza del Angel Centro de Anticuarios - Mexico City's Trendiest Neighborhoods



  • El Péndulo – Popular restaurant/cafe and bookstore in Mexico City. (multiple locations)


El Pendulo - Mexico City's Trendiest Neighborhoods


4. Polanco

Located a bit northwest of La Condesa, Polanco is one of the most upscale neighborhoods in Mexico City. You can expect a trendy, yet prestigious atmosphere where everything is a bit on the pricey side. Polanco is also the city’s business center and you’ll find some expats living here. Something to keep in mind however is that Polanco is not the easiest to reach. It’s best to just take a taxi or rent car to access this neighborhood.


Polanco - Mexico City's Trendiest Neighborhoods



Polanquito is home to Polanco’s restaurant and café scene. The area is walkable and has a lot of greenery with tree-lined sidewalks. You can easily find cafés with great food and a cute atmosphere. But again, be ready to pay top dollar. Polanco is also a great spot for shopping.


Polanco - Mexico City's Trendiest Neighborhoods



5. Coyoacan

South of the historic center, the Coyoacan neighborhood is popular because it was also the home to the famous Mexican artist, Frida Kahlo. Rated as one of the top neighborhoods to live in, this neighborhood has a lot to see and do. It gives off a quaint, charming feel, with cobblestone streets, large plazas, fountains, and plethora of restaurants to choose from.


Things to do Mexico City


Things to do Mexico City - Coyoacán Neighborhood


Definitely go to the Frida Kahlo Museum, and then take in the sites around Coyoacan. It’s easy to fall in love with the charm of this neighborhood. During the evening it almost gives off a carnival vibe, as many of the street food stalls and entertainers came out. It’s a great spot to stroll around and try different types of street foods.


Coyoacan - Mexico City's Trendiest Neighborhoods


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Mexico City's Trendiest Neighborhoods


What’s your favorite neighborhood in Mexico City? Love to know below!


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