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How to Stay Motivated to Pray (when it feels totally forced)

How to Stay Motivated to Pray

Sometimes it can be tough finding the motivation to pray daily. There are times when I have prayer sessions that I just don’t want to end. I feel so connected to the Holy Spirit that I feel I could pray for hours. And then there are times when sitting down to pray for even 3 minutes can feel like torture. My mind is wandering, and all I can think about is the laundry list of things I need to do. I feel like I am praying out of obligation, and not because I actually want to talk to God.


Recently this happened to me. And trust me when I say, it wasn’t for the first time. Usually this happens when I have a busy schedule and neglect to spend time with God. I either stop praying, reading my bible, or going to church on a regular basis. After this goes on for a while, I begin to feel disconnected from God.


And then when I do try to get back into my groove, I feel it is forced and ritualistic. ? Normally I want to connect with God, how did this happen? So I decided, to pray about it. ??


How to Stay Motivated to Pray 

(when it feels totally forced)


You might be thinking, what? You feel forced to pray, so you’re gonna pray about how you don’t want to pray? Yes, exactly. 


Instead of pretending everything’s fine, I am going to be honest towards God with my feelings. I mean, he knows them already, so why hide them? ?


How to Stay Motivated to Pray



My Prayer

I simply pray exactly what I am feeling.


Heavenly Father, I haven’t been feeling “it” lately. I feel disconnected. And my prayers feel forced. But, that’s not the way I want our relationship to be. I want to be excited to pray! I want you to feel real to me. I ask to feel close to you again, and to please help reignite that passion and love. ?



What’s funny is, recently when this happened (like a whisper in my ear) God spoke to me. You know what he told me to do? Read my Bible. My response? Ugh…ok.


Obediently I whipped out my bible, and thumbed through the pages. I landed on the book of 1 Timothy from the New Testament. I had already been reading through 1 Timothy 6:10, so I decided to continue reading the whole chapter.


As I began to read, the words were like music to my ears.


“He alone can never die, and lives in light so brilliant no human eye can approach him. No human eye has ever seen him, nor ever will.”  

(1 Timothy 6:16 )


The words lifted my heart and I felt in complete awe of this amazing God I serve. “He alone can never die.” “No human eye has ever seen him, nor ever will.” Wow, our God is incredible!


Reading this completely lifted me up. The disconnected feeling washed away, and his words literally filled my soul like living water.


John 4:14 - How to Stay Motivated to Pray


After reading a bit more, I began to feel a complete shift in my heart. Instead of feeling forced and obligated to pray, I could not wait to pray! I wanted to praise this amazing God that I serve.


In conclusion, God knows everything. And He knows what you need in every situation. When you feel lost and disconnected, ask Him for help. I am continually amazed at how willing he is to reach out, when you call upon His name. ?


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How to Stay Motivated to Pray


Have you had trouble staying motivated to pray? Love to know in the comments below!


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  1. Anonymous

    I have enjoyed reading your materials and taking notes. Thank You

  2. Keith Gossett

    I try reading my Bible daily. It’s more like I’m just reading and not receiving. I don’t feel motivated to pray, even about little things. I get up early to read my bible. I have time. There’s no passion anymore.


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