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Leaps of Faith – Believing in God’s Provision

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God loves it when we step out, and take leaps of faith! He loves it because it shows that we are putting our trust in Him, and not relying on our own strengths. We relinquishes control in our own abilities, and instead depend on our Heavenly Father.


I have found that sometimes we need to step out and take a leap of faith, before God will step in and provide. This is displayed beautifully in Joshua 3:13-17


Leaps of Faith



The Israelites Cross the Jordan River

In this story, the Israelites need to cross the Jordan River in order to finally enter into the Promised Land. But first, God asks that they take a step out in faith. He tells the priests to walk out into the Jordan River, carrying the Ark of the Covenant. I’m sure the priests were nervous to take that first step. The Bible says it was the harvest season, and the river was flooded and twice as broad.


What’s interesting is, God could have easily parted the Jordan River (just like he parted the Red Sea). But instead, he asks the priests to first, step out in faith, and walk into the water. It wasn’t until the Israelites obeyed God and stepped into the water, did God move the waters back. Then the Israelites were able to cross the Jordan River safely, and enter into the Promised Land. #finally

Walking on Water 

Another example is from Matthew 14:22-32. Here Jesus is walking on water, while the disciples watch. One of those disciples, Peter, decides he wants to join Jesus on the water. Excitedly, Peter jumps out of the boat, and miraculously begins to walk on water as well. But all of a sudden, he looks down. He sees the strong winds and waves beneath him, and starts to doubt. And as his fears become bigger than his faith, he begins to sink. Desperately, Peter asks Jesus to save him. As Jesus reaches out to Peter he says: “You have so little faith, why did you doubt me?”


I just love this passage! It shows how much more we can accomplish through Christ Jesus, than we can on our own. Finding faith and strength in God is all we need to unlock our courage, and our potential.


My Story

As remarkable as these stories are, sometimes they feel like just that, stories. It wasn’t until God asked me to “step out of the boat”, that everything became real. For me it wasn’t about taking a physical step of faith, but instead a mental step.


You could definitely say I was at a low point in my life. I found myself without a job, a car, and (with my lease ending soon) without an apartment. I was extremely tempted to just throw in the towel, and move across the country to my parents. During this entire season, I prayed through what I should do. I felt God telling me not to move, and to stay where I was. I was terrified. I didn’t know how it would work out, but I decided I was going to stay. I put my faith in God, and believed that he would provide for me.


I couldn’t believe what happened. God seriously blew my mind:

  • I was hired within a month, and was making more money then I’d made at my previous employers.
  • My cousins “just so happened” to have a spare car for only a few months! They lent it to me until I found something safe and affordable.
  • I was able to purchase the perfect car, which was not only affordable and functional, but cute! (Yes, God cares about your needs and your desires)
  • Through a new friend from church, I was able to stay with her (rent-free!) for two months, until I could move into my own apartment.


Incredible, right? I could hardly believe it myself. Even looking back, I can’t believe that happened to me. God is so amazing! But the thing is, he didn’t only do miracles then, he’s continually providing miracles right now. Is God asking you to step out of the boat? Could you put more faith in his provision? I encourage you to take the leap of faith. Sometimes it doesn’t make sense, but that is faith. ?



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