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How to Live in Blessing after Disappointing God

How to live in blessing after disappointing God
    • That’s a wrap! Psych, not quite yet. But this is the final post in my 3-part series #TheKingDavidStory. If you missed the first two posts in the series, then let’s catch you up! You can check those out here:

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>>In this post we recount the favor and blessing on King David’s life. We discuss exactly what separated David from others, and how we can also receive that same favor from God. 


2. How to Understand God’s Heart

>>This post exemplifies some of King David’s mistakes and dives into how to understand God’s heart, even when we mess up. 


Now, onto today’s topic! In this post, we’ll continue diving into King David’s life. We’ll discuss King David’s punishment, and the grace God shows him. Let’s go!

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The Story of King David

(How to Live in Blessing after Disappointing God)


Recap: King David’s Punishment

King David had blessing on his life, and was anointed by God to be Israel’s next king. But David had sinned, and sinned greatly. He broke two of the 10 Commandments, do not commit adultery and do not murder. Even though God loved David unconditionally, God did punish David for his sin. Here’s what happened:


1. David’s son, Absalom, rebels against him

  • This punishment came to pass in 2 Samuel 15:13. King David’s son, Absalom, conspires against him by stirring up rebellion amongst all the tribes of Israel. The rebellion gained momentum to the point that King David and his household had to flee from Jerusalem into the wilderness. Only King David’s concubines stayed to look after the palace.


2. David’s son, Absalom, sleeps with his father’s wives

  • After King David flees, Absalom arrives in Jerusalem and takes over the palace. David’s counselor, Ahithophel, deserts him and decides to support Absalom. Under Ahithophel’s influence, Absalom decides to sleep with his father’s wives so Israel will know that he has insulted his father beyond any hope of reconciliation. (See 2 Samuel 16:20-23)



God’s punishment is captured in 2 Samuel 12;


“Now, therefore, the sword will never depart from your house…out of your own household I am going to bring calamity upon you. Before your very eyes I will take your wives and give them to one who is close to you, and he will lie with your wives in broad daylight. You did it in secret, but I will do this thing in broad daylight before all Israel.”  

(2 Samuel 12:10-12) 


3. David and Bathsheba’s child dies

  • King David realizes he has sinned against the Lord, and asks for forgiveness. Nathan the prophet speaks to David and says that even though the Lord has forgiven David, his son will die. Despite David’s pleads, the child David and Bathsheba conceived dies shortly after birth. 2 Samuel 12:13-18 recounts this punishment.


Wow, this is such an incredibly sad part of the Bible to read. It leaves a knot in my stomach even to write it. It would appear King David’s life, reputation, and legacy is ruined. However, there is light at the end of the tunnel. The Son of God (Jesus), came from King David’s line. So amongst David’s sin and punishment, there was hope and blessing. This gives me hope that despite our sins, there is still blessing!


Moraine Lake, Banff National Park, Alberta, Canada - 20 Photos to Inspire You to Visit Moraine Lake


How to Live in Blessing after Disappointing God

After reading everything that happened to King David, it’s hard to believe he could ever recover. But despite the mistakes in David’s life, God brought goodness and blessing out from the ashes. 


Romans 8:28 says;


“And we know that God causes everything to work together for the good of those who love God and are called according to his purpose for them.”  

(Romans 8:28) 


God did bless David again. In 2 Samuel 19 David returns to Jerusalem and his kingdom is restored.


On top of that, shortly after the death of David and Bathsheba’s first son, they conceived again. They decide to name their new baby Solomon. Yep, you know the one…King Solomon. The same Solomon who becomes King of Israel and takes the throne after David’s death. King Solomon went on to build the Temple of the Lord in Jerusalem and establish a strong army.


Oh, and by the way, King Solomon became the wisest and richest king EVER in the history of Israel. Now that’s pretty impressive. 


“So King Solomon became richer and wiser than any other king on earth.”  

1 Kings 10:23 


It’s interesting that despite the fact that David committed adultery, murdered Bathsheba’s husband, and then had their first child die in punishment, God still decided to bless David and Bathsheba’s relationship. God chose to enter Jesus Christ into the world through David and Bathsheba’s line. What’s that all about?


Matthew 1:1 says; “Jesus the Messiah, a son of David and Abraham”. 


Matthew 1:1 - How to live in blessing after disappointing God


This just proves that even when we sin, God will never abandon us! There is always hope with God. We serve a loving God and a forgiving God. Stay with God, He is our source of redemption and blessing.


It’s your turn! I would love to know your thoughts in the comments below!


Also, I just wanted to give you a virtual high five for being part of #TheKingDavidStory series. This was a fun series for me to create because we get to really dive into the life of one of the most famous people in the Bible. I genuinely hope it was helpful for you!


In case you missed the first two posts in the series, you can check them out below:


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How to live in blessing after disappointing God


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