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Join the journey and let’s walk through some of God’s greatest promises! Here we’ll understand not just who you are, and whose you are, a beautiful child of God.


Over the next 21 days, we’ll hang out & explore God’s word a bit deeper, one verse at a time.



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But excuse me, let me introduce myself!

Hi I’m Tiffany, that’s me over there looking pretty happy (probably because I have coffee). But the thing is, that wasn’t always the case.


A few years ago, I hit a low point where I questioned everything around me. Who I was, what I was doing with my life, what my place in this world was, etc. I was hurt by the person who was supposed to love me the most, and I felt lost. But I called out to God, and (the crazy thing is!) he heard me. He comforted me, when my life seemed to be falling apart.


So believe me, I know pain, and I know heartbreak. With life comes challenges and obstacles. I don’t know what your story is, but no matter where you’ve been, or what you’re going through, you don’t need to stay there. You are a strong woman of faith, whether you truly believe it or not. God is on your side. How do I know this? Because God was on my side when I needed him the most. He’s your biggest cheerleader. He is in your corner, rooting for you. Let’s get back in the game, shall we? You got this.




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What to Expect


  • Daily emails created to provide you with comfort, encouragement, strength and confidence!
  • Discover 21 bible verses that are purposefully selected to help you understand the promises of God, and his unconditional love for you
  • WEEK 1: How God loves you and will never abandon you
  • WEEK 2: How God will fight for you, rescue you, and strengthen you (He will build YOU up!)
  • WEEK 3: How God will give you the confidence and power to prevail. He has plans for you, greater than you can imagine


So are you ready? Let’s do this!



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