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A Helicopter Tour of Kauai – featuring Jack Harter Helicopter Tours

Jack Harter Helicopter Tour Kauai

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Since watching Jurassic Park, I’ve wanted to take a helicopter tour of Kauai. My first trip to Kauai was with a very strict itinerary, and I didn’t have the chance to take a helicopter tour. However on this trip, I was traveling solo, and you know what that means. A helicopter tour of the island was happening! ?


I spent an amazing 5 days on the island of Kauai, and I just loved it. Kauai is so enchanting. It has a wild spirit and jungle-y vibes that excite me and keep me coming back for more. And the cherry on top would be the helicopter tour, I couldn’t wait!


Jack Harter Helicopter Tour Kauai


A Helicopter Tour of Kauai

Featuring Jack Harter Helicopter Tours

Which Helicopter Tour Should You Go with?

One of the first things you need to do is book y0ur helicopter tour of Kauai. I traveled in the low season (January), so there wasn’t a huge need to book in advance, but if traveling during peak season you must book ahead of time.


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Below are a few helicopter tour options to choose from:

*refer to prices on the website because they are likely to change

  • Blue Hawaiian – 50-55-min flight. According to National Geographic, Blue is “Hawaii’s premiere helicopter tour company. 
  • Jack Harter Helicopters – 60-65-min flight. Offer helicopters with doors off. Jack is the originator of helicopter tours in Hawaii. 
  • Safari Helicopter – Offers 60-minute and 90-minute tours.
  • Island Helicopters – The only helicopter tour that lands at the Jurassic Park Falls


You should choose your helicopter tour depending on what you are looking for. Some things to consider are:

  • Do you want a helicopter with doors off?
  • Do you want to land at the Jurassic Park Falls?
  • Length of the tour – do you want longer than 60 minutes?
  • Price of the tour


I decided to go with Jack Harter Helicopters because the price was fair, and they offered helicopters without doors. Having the doors off was a must for me (rebel I know ☺️). However, they also offer six-passenger air-conditioned helicopters.


I decided to take the 60-65 minute tour, and honestly, that was enough for me. I tend to get headaches and motion sick, so right around the 1-hour mark I was ready to be back on solid ground.


What to Expect with Jack Harter Helicopter Tours

Even this itinerary is from my experience with Jack Harter Helicopter Tours, I would imagine the procedure of other helicopter tours are similar.


My flight time was schedule at 11:00am, and I was asked to arrive at the office 45 minutes early. I checked in, and went through a safety briefing and overview of the flight. Lastly, they collected payment.Then we were taken via bus to the helicopter launch pad location. There was a short wait, but then was able to climb aboard the helicopter and start the tour!


Jack Harter Helicopter Tour Kauai


The helicopter had a two-way intercom system so you can be in constant communication with the pilot. The pilot gave his introductions and shortly later we were off! I loved that the two-way intercom also allowed everyone aboard the helicopter to communicate with each other. 


The pilot provides a narrative on Kauai’s history, popular landmarks, and other fun facts. My pilot (sadly I forgot his name) was also quite funny and entertaining, which made the whole experience completely unforgettable. 


Landmarks on the Helicopter Tour of Kauai

The tour will circumnavigate the island, and lingers at certain hot spots.


  • Hanapepe Valley – You’ll start off flying through the Hanapepe Valley. A highlight of the trip was seeing some of the most beautiful waterfalls on Kauai. Due to the falls only truly being visible from the air, these beauties are a treat exclusively for the birds and yourself. They are located on private land are not open and accessible to tourists.


Hanapepe Valley - Jack Harter Helicopter Tour Kauai


  • Manawaiopuna Falls – A major highlight of the trip was flying over Manawaiopuna Falls, the waterfalls from Jurassic Park!


Manawaiopuna Falls - Jurassic Park Falls - Jack Harter Helicopter Tour Kauai


  • Waimea Canyon – Then you’ll be flown through the beautiful Waimea Canyon.


Waimea Canyon - Jack Harter Helicopter Tour Kauai


  • Nā Pali Coast – Next was my personal favorite, flying over the Nā Pali Coast! This breathtaking coastal range is truly an earthly paradise.


BONUS: If visiting during January through March, you might luck out and see the migrating humpback whale surfacing along the coast.


Nā Pali Coast - Jack Harter Helicopter Tour Kauai Nā Pali Coast - Jack Harter Helicopter Tour Kauai
Nā Pali Coast - Jack Harter Helicopter Tour Kauai


  • North Shore & Hanalei River Valley – The tour cruises past the North Shore and Hanalei River Valley.


North Shore & Hanalei River Valley - Jack Harter Helicopter Tour Kauai


North Shore & Hanalei River Valley - Jack Harter Helicopter Tour Kauai


  • Mount Waialeale – And then you’ll fly into the center of Kauai to see Mount Waialeale or the “Weeping Wall”.


Mount Waialeale - Weeping Wall - Jack Harter Helicopter Tour Kauai



  • Waimea Falls – Then as you start to make your way back, you’ll cruise on by the Waimea Falls.


Waimea Falls  - Jack Harter Helicopter Tour Kauai


From here we smoothly floated through the sky, heading back to the landing pad.


Jack Harter Helicopter Tour Kauai


A helicopter tour of the island is truly a one of a kind experience, and is a must for any trip to Kauai!


What to Bring – if choosing the doors off option

  • Warm Clothes – Bundle up! Even if traveling in summertime, the wind and altitude makes it chilly! I would go as far as to bring gloves too.
  • Covered Shoes – Again, your feet will get chilly, so keep those babies covered – aka no flip flops.
  • Camera/iPhone Straps – You do not want your camera to slip out of your hands and get blown away. You can also purchase an iPhone hand strap at the Jack Harter office. I did this and I would recommend it (it’s only a few bucks).
  • Ginger Pills – If you get motion sick, trust me, you will thank me later.


This is not a sponsored post. 


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Jack Harter Helicopter Tour Kauai


Are you planning a helicopter tour of Kauai? Love to know in the comments below!


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