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Does God Want Us to Beg?

White Sands, New Mexico - Does God Want Us to Beg

Have you ever felt that in order for God to move in your life, you have to beg? Could that possibly be how he wants us to pray to him? Surely not. During an exhausting series of prayer requests, God revealed something interesting around this area. 


White Sands - Does God Want Us to Beg


Does God Want Us to Beg?


I have come to the point in my walk with God, that I pray about anything and everything. Sometimes it’s less of a prayer, and more of a conversation (albeit typically one-sided). But I pray for God to help me stay motivated to work out, to be patient with my boss, to keep my cat from waking me up in the mornings (yes, really)…the list goes on and on.


So when I decided to sell some of my belonging in order to fund more traveling, I didn’t even hesitate to pray for God to bless it. And naturally, for it to sell at the price point I am wanting.


About 2 months go by, and although I am praying daily for my items to sell, they just aren’t. One day in particular, I began to pray. And just so you know, at this point I’m exhausted from praying circles around this area. I begin to feel like a broken record. And am honestly feeling a bit annoyed my prayers are not being answered. Know the feeling?


I mean, the Bible does say a thing or two about answering our prayers: 


“Do not be anxious about anything, but in every situation, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present your requests to God”  

(Philippians 4:6)


“If you abide in me, and my words abide in you, ask whatever you wish, and it will be done for you.”

(John 15:7)


Wow God, that’s one heck of a promise.


I know that I am a daughter of the one true King (2 Corinthians 6:18). But as I pray, I begin to feel less like royalty, and more like a beggar. Coming to the feet of the Lord, begging for my wishes to be granted.


And as I think about this, I begin to feel a bit angry. Why do I have to beg God for my prayers to be answered? Why do I have to get to the point of desperation, for Heaven to move in my favor?


And this is exactly what I prayed to God. WHY!? I just don’t understand. Do you like to seee me beg, God?


Note: It is okay to be frustrated with God. And it’s also okay to express that frustration to him. These are called Lamentations. But when you cry out to the Lord, it’s important to end with a resounding faith and trust in him, regardless of the outcome. 


So I ended my prayer saying, regardless of if my prayer was answered or not, I loved Him. And I always would. But I just don’t understand.


Well a few hours later, I arrive at work and check my email. My eyes pop open when I see an email in my inbox, inquiring about the most expensive item I was trying to sell. And to make things even more bizzaire, the email was sent at the same time I was praying. After a few back and forth emails, I ended up selling the item that day. BOOM. Just like that. After months of trying to sell it, it just, sold.


It was clear to me that God had answered my prayer. And more than just that, he was trying to tell me something. I was beyond grateful my item sold, but something still lingered in the back of my mind. Why this prayer? Why did he answer this prayer, versus the countless others? Did I have to complain? Did I have to beg? So I began to pray and asked why. I knew God was teaching me something, but I just didn’t know what. I didn’t get it.


Fast forward to a week later. It was still on my mind, and at last, I finally received an answer. God placed the word fervent in my head. I immediately googled it because I honestly didn’t know the definition off the top of my head.


Fervent: having or displaying a passionate intensity.


Fervent - James 5:16 - Does God Want Us to Beg


And then I was reminded of a bible verse from James 5:16, “The effectual fervent prayer of a righteous man availeth much”.


Huh…interesting. Maybe God doesn’t want us to beg, but maybe he does want us to show passion in our prayers. Was that what was lacking? Do I need to display a more passionate prayer life?


Prayer is an interesting thing. Prayer moves mountains, and it moves God.


Prayer moves mountains - Matthew 17:20 - Does God Want Us to Beg


I don’t profess to know everything about prayer, but I sure know one thing: the effectual fervent prayer of a righteous man (or woman!) does availeth much!


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White Sands, New Mexico - Does God Want Us to Beg


Have you ever felt like God wanted you to beg? Love to know in the comments below!


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  1. Noelle

    Great reflective post. I’ve always believed in prayer – things tend to have always worked out much better when I reflected and prayed on them.
    Also – I’m glad you were able to sell your item to fund more travel 😉

    • Tiffany Nicole

      They do! And thank you…can’t wait to travel more! <3

  2. Jennifer Underwood

    Thank you! I needed this post. I pray fervently a lot, and do notice the passionate ones get answered more. Sometimes though, no. I pray hard for a close friend of mine who gets worse every day.


      I am so happy this post helped you! That’s amazing you have noticed the same thing. 🙂 Not all of my prayers are answered either, even though I feel I am being passionate. But keep praying for your friend, she is lucky to have a friend like you! 🙂

  3. AK

    Such great words Big! It’s something we all definitely need to remember from time to time when praying, especially on the tough days.


  4. Anthony

    I feel like I have to beg God for the air I breathe. My life, if you can call it that, is a wreck – and none of it is my doing. I have begun to believe that God is making me suffer. And I feel no love from him, or for him.


      Hi friend! I am so sorry to hear this. I have had seasons where I’ve felt the same way, but our God is a good God and He loves us beyond measure. Praying for strength and breakthrough in your life!

  5. theoristrygg

    This is an amazing post!

  6. Cycelye

    I need this but deeper when I pray for others God moves and quickly . I feel I beg for everything and majority of my prayers are answered when I have given up.

  7. Kedwards

    I’m so glad I don’t feel like the only chrisTian that feel that way and everything you said I can relate to but my prayers have always been feverent, so I don’t know how much more passionate I got to be in my prayers. I’m tired god is not an “on time god” I’ve done nothing but suffer and live for a god that I have grown not not enjoy living for. I have done nothing but try my best to pick up my cross and live for him, sacrifice after sacrifice, but can’t pay my bills every month is a struggle no matter how I budget how I pray or how much faith I have. I could go on but I’d just overwhelm my self. I’m tired of a lot the only real reason I continue to live for god is because I don’t want to go to hell. But if you ask do I enjoy being a Christian I don’t I don’t think I ever really did! Im tired of being tested what more do god want from me how much faith do you want me to prove! I already pray and talk to god which feels like I’m talking to myself, would a person who didn’t have faith do that? So how much more gods want me to prove? I’ve done sacrificed everything I have that I don’t even have anything else to give what do he want me to sacrifice next? I already live a lonely friends w no friends no real relationship with my family, I am always single waiting and don’t know what I’m waiting for I keep away from “worldly” things I don’t even have a social life I live in isolation not because I want but this just how my life is so what more do god want from me? I feel like im drowning and he sends a life saver when im pretty much submerged in water and nearly drowned and dead . Being a Christian and living for Christ is exhausting and zero fun. Been saved and have a real relationship w god since I was 14…im 34 and at a point where I never felt the way I do before or maybe have but not just went along with life-i do not enjoy living for god I don’t experience joy-the long suffering part the Bible says we “must endure” is what I have and I am tired. He’s an on time god yet I go broke and can never pay bills on time I literally feel like I have to beg god for help…why? Dosent his word say he don’t see the righteous beg for bread, we are the head and not the tail, the lenders not the borrowers? It says all that yet I barley see it happen All this stuff yet everything is a waiting game, everything have to be a process for what! Is my life a toy? I just wish I could live with out god I don’t like living for him anymore I have had enough the Bible says he isn’t a god of confusion but noting and I mean nothing more has confused me and caused more grief and sorrow than living for god! If it wasn’t for hell I’d quit a long time ago! I’m tired of putting my trust in god…people says he doesn’t disappoint you but he disappoints me I’m sick to my stomach living for him, I’m sorry, nothing about living for god bring me peace just drama.


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