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12 BEST Christian Girl Instagram Accounts You NEED to Follow

Christian Instagram Accounts to Follow!
Are you looking for the best Christian girl Instagram accounts to follow?


Many people blame social media for being a negative influence on society and trust me, I have definitely seen the negative sides of Instagram. It’s hard to scroll through and not compare myself to others. However, Instagram does have some redeeming qualities. 


When I decided to share my faith publicly, the first place I turned to share my message of salvation through Jesus Christ was Instagram. So, despite the negative affects of the platform, I have to say it’s a great place to share your faith with the world. The more I am apart of this online community, the more people I see using this platform to also share, uplift, and inspire others. 


This is such a beautiful thing!


Along my own journey of sharing God’s Word via social media, I have met some incredible young ladies who are doing powerful things for the kingdom. 


They run inspiring Christian Instagram accounts, keeping Jesus at the center of everything they do. They are motivated to share God’s word with others while doing it in an encouraging, creative, and fun way. 


The Christian Instagram accounts mentioned below inspire and encourage me daily, and I hope you find strength and hope in them, too!


1. Samantha Rue // @samantha_rue


Christian Instagram Accounts to Follow!


First up is Samantha – trust me, you will love her! She is known on Instagram as @samantha_rue and is the author of Samantha Rue blog where she shares everything she loves including fashion, beauty, skin care, and her walk with the Lord.


Samantha believes that in this world comes the battle of perfection and comparison, which we all know only hurts ourselves. She shares a beautiful message of bravery over perfection and has a passion for showing her readers that life is not perfect. Instead, life is an amazing journey where we can follow the Lord’s perfect Will for our lives. 


Follow Samantha!


Instagram: @samantha_rue


2. Anna Liisa // @annaliisamoss


Christian Instagram Accounts to Follow!


Anna Liisa, aka @annaliisamoss on Instagram, is an artist, wife, and Jesus lover seeking to share the joy and grace found in Christ. She is such a beautiful soul who loves worshipping God by creating beautiful pieces of art for sale on her website


Anna Liisa believes God created all of us to create whether through art or another creative outlet.


Girl, I couldn’t agree more. 🙂


She encourages, inspires, and brings light into the world by sharing her love for Jesus and being a blessing in the lives of others.


Follow Anna Liisa!


Instagram: @annaliisamoss


3. Gia // @girlredefinedblog


Christian Instagram Accounts to Follow!


Gia, or @girlredefinedblog on Instagram is the author behind the blog Girl Redefined. She is a 20 year old faith blogger who is incredibly in love with Jesus and longs to see young women living out their God-given identities. She writes about all things to do with relationship, friendship, and the general difficulties we can face being a Christian.


Gia loves all things creative and when she finishes Bible College she has dreams of starting her own theatre company and making films and plays to tackle secular issues such as human trafficking. I am so excited for this idea!


Follow Gia!


Instagram: @girlredefinedblog


4. Jessica Shipton // @smilewithoutreasonblog


Christian Instagram Accounts to Follow!


Meet Jess, the founder of Smile Without Reason blog and known on Instagram as @smilewithoutreasonblog. Jess is a digital and social media marketing freelancer from Sydney, Australia who uses her blog as a passion project for writing for people and for God.


I love that Jess uses analogies for everyday experiences to provide a different perspective on life so she can reach those who don’t know Jesus in a way that is relatable to them.


Her blog is a place where she can share messages that encourages, inspires and blesses you!


Follow Jess!


Instagram: @smilewithoutreasonblog


5. Alisha Wesley // @shelaughsmission


Christian Instagram Accounts to Follow!


Alisha, aka @shelaughsmission on Instagram, is a super impressive Bible College grad and the face behind the faith blog, She Laughs Mission. She Laughs Mission is a blog to help empower women of all ages to be who they’re called to be. Throughout her Instagram and blog Alisha encourages you to walk this life with strength and dignity. How amazing!


Alisha’s goal is to help you grow in your faith, become who God created you to be, and live life to the absolute fullest. 🙂


Follow Alisha!


Instagram: @shelaughsmission


6. Maddie Joy // @maddiee_joy


Christian Instagram Accounts to Follow!


Maddie Joy is seriously a little ray of sunshine! She can be found on Instagram at @maddiee_joy and is the founder of her blog First and foremost, her purpose is to encourage others to walk boldly and confidently into who God has called them to be. She doesn’t just talk the talk but walks the walk by sharing her first-hand experiences of the realities of comparison being the thief of joy.


Her blog and passion for writing and speaking serves a lot of different purposes, but it all comes back to knowing Jesus and making Him known.


Amen girl, amen.


Maddie’s also passionate about the power of vulnerability and sharing the “real life stuff” behind the pretty, put-together smiles we slap on so often.


I can totally relate there.


She desires to expose fear for what it is: a liar and a thief of dreams. It has held her captive for many years and Maddie wants to use her personal experiences to help others live out the unique call set before them. She leaves a call to action; “let’s change the world, together!”.


Yes girl, let’s!


Follow Maddie!


Instagram: @maddiee_joy


7. Kristin Skipper // @lifefromtheseashes_


Christian Instagram Accounts to Follow!


Kristin can be found on Instagram at @lifefromtheseashes_ and is the founder of her faith blog Life From These Ashes Blog. Kristin is not only a blogger, but a full time RN (nurse) as well! She has a passion for writing and sharing what God has taught her in her life to encourage women to stand strong in their faith.


She inspires women to live their life as God has created them to, with a new identity in Christ. Kristin is also a wife and mother and she shares amazing tips and advice around marriage, parenting, and the difficulties we face in life and how to navigate the road with Jesus as our Leader.


Her hope is that through the truths that God has given her, she can help motivate you in your daily walk with God. 🙂


Follow Kristin!


Instagram: @lifefromtheseashes_


8. Kristina Dapaah // @kristinadapaah


Christian Instagram Accounts to Follow!


Meet Kristina Dapaah! She is a proud mom, head over heels wife, creative ninja, and Chosen vessel. Don’t you just love her spirit? 🙂 She is also an Instagrammer at @kristinadapaah and blogger at


Kristina is a jack-of-many trades with a passion for fashion and an even bigger passion for sharing Jesus. She knows that the most beautiful part of her life is knowing that she is loved by Jesus. With that love as her guide she creates her version of “beautiful” in the form of lifestyle content on her blog at


She hopes to inspire others to grab hold of the beauty available to them in Christ Jesus.


Follow Kristina!


Instagram: @kristinadapaah


9. Lilli Van Natta // @lillivannatta


Christian Instagram Accounts to Follow!


Say hello to Lilli, a joy-filled lifestyle blogger and the force behind A Re.Styled Life blog. You can also find her beautiful Instagram at @lillivannatta. Lilli’s passion lies in encouraging women to delight in the small, everyday moments of beauty, and live a life of gratitude for our Creator. With gratitude comes abundant joy – something she hopes to inspire others to seek.

A little fun fact about Lilli is she also has a gift for interior decorating, and uses this passion to equip others to transform their houses into homes, ready to be filled with warmth and memories.


Follow Lilli!


Instagram: @lillivannatta


10. Shelby Esau // @pop_dot


Christian Instagram Accounts to Follow!


Shelby is the grace driven Jesus-follower behind her Instagram @pop_dot and blog The heart behind her Instagram and blog is to inspire you to pursue your unique, God-given purpose. Shelby is passionate about deepening your love and trust in the only One who never disappoints (aka Jesus). ?


Her daily inspiration is usually based on what God has revealed to her and her community. Sometimes that’s in the form of Jesus’ unending grace and life-giving relationships, and sometimes just in the struggle of putting one foot in front of the other to just keep going.


Seasons change and so do we, but the goal is to rehearse, remember and remind one another that our faithful God never will!


Follow Shelby!


Instagram: @pop_dot


11. Tarah-Lynn // @adornedinarmor


Christian Instagram Accounts to Follow!


Tarah-Lynn is seriously quite the force! Besides her blog, and Instagram, @adornedinarmor, she is Miss Black New Jersey and a fashion writer for Teen Vogue. Tarah-Lynn is also the host of Dressed for Battle Podcast, which is seriously an amazing podcast!


However above all, she is a fierce and favored fashionista, passionate about encouraging and empowering young women to fully grasp their worth in Christ. Through her award-winning brand Adorned in Armor, she inspire thousands of young women to conquer life through faith and style.


Yes girl, PREACH!


Adorned in Armor was inspired by Ephesians 6’s message about putting on the full armor of God to properly uniform ourselves spiritually and physically in order to fight in victory.  After just one year blogging, her readers nominated Adorned in Armor as a finalist for the Best International Blog in the 2014 Cosmopolitan UK Awards.


You can find Tarah-Lynn styling, hosting events, and speaking at self-worth and branding workshops.


Follow Tarah-Lynn!


Instagram: @adornedinarmor


12. Rachel Rogers // @hellorachelnicole


Christian Instagram Accounts to Follow!


And last (but certainly not least!) let me introduce you to Rachel Rogers. Rachel is a wife, daughter, sister, and friend, but most importantly, a woman of faith. She helps others to grow in their faith no matter where they are in life. Her blog,, is a resource for lifestyle tips for cultivating confidence and living a more purpose-driven life.


You will find style and beauty inspiration, as well as stories about how God shows His love throughout daily life. Also be sure to check out her Etsy shop which was featured in HGTV magazine!


Follow Rachel!


Instagram: @hellorachelnicole


I hope you’ve enjoyed this list of inspirational Christian Instagram accounts! I hope you’ve found some new God-fearing women to follow who are living out their life and purpose in a real and honest way.

Also, if you aren’t already, I would love it if you followed me as well! You can find me at @xotiffanynicole where I strive to encourage and inspire you through fun and creative photography rooted in God’s truth.


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Christian Instagram Accounts to Follow!


What do you think are the best Christian girl Instagram accounts? Let me know below and I’ll add them to the list!

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