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Spain Travel Tips

The “Antoni Gaudí” Guide to Barcelona

February 22, 2017
Casa Batllo - Antoni Gaudi Guide to Barcelona

I am so excited to share this Antoni Gaudí guide to Barcelona! I lived in Barcelona for one magical year, and was constantly inspired by Antoni Gaudí’s work. You will see his designs speckled all over the streets of Barcelona, and over the course of a year, I visited (almost) every creation by Antoni Gaudí.  From lamps, to buildings, to churches, you’ll find it everywhere! In this post I am…

China Travel Tips

How to Hold a Panda in Chengdu

February 7, 2017
Hold Panda, Chengdu, China

I am the first to admit, I made a special detour to Chengdu just to visit the giant pandas. The facilities in Chengdu are the only locations in the world where you can hold a giant panda. The opportunity to see them up close and hold one was too much. I had to go! I decided to visit the Chengdu Research Base of Giant Panda Breeding Center. It’s located…

China Travel Tips

The Ultimate Guide to Visiting Pandas in Chengdu, China

February 6, 2017
Panda, Chengdu, China

Welcome to Chengdu, the panda mecca of the world! Housing 80% of the world’s pandas, these furry cuddle bugs are considered one of the cutest animals in the world. They’re also known as the “national treasure” of China. The panda habitat was once spread out across central, southern, and eastern China (and even neighboring countries like Myanmar and northern Vietnam). Now, it has been reduced to mainly the…

Travel Tips

5 Reasons Why January is the BEST Time to Travel

January 13, 2017
January Best to Travel

Over the years, I’ve noticed a pattern in myself; I have a tendency to travel when other people don’t. I’ve found I tend to book my holidays in the wintertime. This way, I’m not traveling during the summer months when everyone else is taking off for their yearly vacations. Usually I opt to leave chilly America and travel to warmer climates during January and February, and even March.…