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10 Reasons to Visit San Diego

June 6, 2017

With neighboring Los Angeles in close proximity, beachy and laid-back San Deigo can often times be overlooked. Having lived in San Diego for over two years, I love this city, and know you will to! Let’s check out the 10 reasons (although there are more!) why you should visit San Diego. 10 Reasons to Visit San Diego 1. Outdoor Activities When it comes to outdoor activities, San Diego…


The Ultimate Guide to the San Diego Zoo Safari Park

June 1, 2017
The Ultimate Guide to the San Diego Zoo Safari Park

Are you planning on making a trip to the San Diego Zoo Safari Park? The San Diego Zoo Safari Park, is north of San Diego, and includes a spacious 1800 acres for the animals to roam freely. I’ve always had a love for Africa and a major bucket list item is to go on a safari. So as you can tell, my adventuring heart was dying to check…

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San Diego’s Most Instagram-Worthy Spots

May 30, 2017
San Diego Instagram Spots

After living in San Diego for 2.5 years, I wasted no time Instagramming my heart away on my account @lavendervines. As I prepare to leave, I can’t believe how iconic this city really is. It makes me love it all the more. ? So I’ve decided to put together my favorite San Diego Instagram spots. Check them out, and don’t forget to Instagram them. ? San Diego’s Most…


10 of the Best Beaches in San Diego

May 29, 2017
10 of the Best Beaches in San Diego

Do you want to know where the best beaches in San Diego are? I mean, when you think of San Diego, you’re probably simultaneously thinking of those pristine beaches. It’s one of San Diego’s biggest attractions! When it comes to the beaches, the question isn’t, “should you go”…instead it’s “which one should you go to”? Let’s dive in!  10 of the Best Beaches in San Diego 1. Mission…

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San Diego’s Top 12 Unbeatable Outdoor Adventures(for locals & tourists!)

May 27, 2017
Best San Diego Outdoor Activities

I may be a bit biased, but San Diego is the place to enjoy all of your favorite outdoor adventures. With sunny skies and temperate climates almost all year round, you’ll be itching to get outside and enjoy the beautiful weather. I would love to say this list of the best San Diego outdoor activities applies to only locals, or only tourists, but honestly there’s enough love to…


The Ultimate San Diego Neighborhood Guide

May 17, 2017
The Ultimate San Diego Neighborhood Guide

There are quite a few neighborhoods in San Diego, you might be wondering where you should live, or which one’s the best to hang out in. I have lived in San Diego for over 2 years and love it! There are so many great neighborhoods to explore, and they all have their own unique style and personality. I’ll break down some of the top neighborhoods in San Diego,…

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The 5 Best Street Tacos in San Diego You HAVE to Try!

May 16, 2017
Best Street Tacos San Diego

Finding the best San Diego street tacos is something I take very seriously. Two things you should know about me, no matter where I go I WILL find the best street tacos and the best coffee shops. Period. I have yet to find a city that does street tacos better than San Diego, except for maybe the holy grail of street tacos, Mexico herself. I have been to…