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For the Love of Money

I just returned from Cuba, and I must say, it was truly a wonderful country. It was everything I could…
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White Sands, New Mexico - Does God Want Us to Beg

Does God Want Us to Beg?

Have you ever felt that in order for God to move in your life, you have to beg? Could that…
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Disneyland - We are Daughters of the King

We are Daughters of the King

When I was a little girl, I dreamt of being a princess. I would dress up in long gowns and…
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Sunset Cliffs - Leaps of Faith

Leaps of Faith – Believing in God’s Provision

God loves it when we step out, and take leaps of faith! He loves it because it shows that we…
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If God's Real, Why Doesn't He Prove Himself

If God’s Real, Why Doesn’t He Just Prove Himself?

Sometimes I wish God would just prove himself to us. I have asked him many times; “God, if you’re real,…
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New Year, No Fear
– Goal Setting for 2017 –

Happy New Year!!   It’s a New Year, and with that means a brand new fresh start. Most people will…
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Lavender Vines About Page

Welcome to Lavender Vines! 
Hi I’m Tiffany, a Jesus loving free spirit who can’t get enough of adventure, salted caramel lattes, & farmers markets. At Lavender Vines my mission is to help you grow in your faith, travel the world, and live life to the absolute fullest.

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