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How to Draw Closer to God

October 10, 2018
How to draw closer to God

I used to not want to draw closer to God. The people I knew who were super religious tended to always be a little strange. Even though I had a desire to have a closer relationship with God, I didn’t want to become weird. I was actually really scared of how it would change me. Could I never wear cute clothes again? I guess c’est la vie to…


How to Hear God’s Voice

October 3, 2018
How to hear God's voice in your everyday life

If I were to be completely honest with you, learning how to hear God’s voice has been one of the hardest and most difficult aspects of my walk with God. Probably not what you were expecting to hear, right? But the thing is, until God spoke to me with words of love and comfort during a time of brokenness and complete desperation, it never even occurred to me…

Advice Faith

12 Inspirational Christian Instagram Accounts You NEED to Follow

September 10, 2018
Christian Instagram Accounts to Follow!

Are you looking for some positive and inspirational Christian Instagram accounts to follow? Let me just say, social media is a fickle beast. Many people blame social media for being a negative influence on today’s society. I can’t say it doesn’t have it’s downsides. I myself have seen the negative sides of Instagram comparison and what that can do for your own self-worth. So much damage is done…

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The Lord’s Prayer: What Does it Mean?

July 17, 2018
The Lord's Prayer Meaning

Are you confused by what the Lord’s Prayer actually means? Have you ever thought much on what you’re actually saying when you pray the Lord’s Prayer? I grew up just reciting it during church services without much thought at all as to what it actually means. But the Lord’s Prayer shouldn’t be considered meaningless in the slightest. Instead it is a wonderful tool that Jesus gave us to…

Faith Personal

July 11, 2018
Lavender Vines testimony

Hi, I’m Tiffany, aka Lavender Vines as I am known online. I am excited to share my testimony with you, and I hope that my path and what I have been through helps and inspires your own walk with God. 🙂 Let’s just start at the beginning, shall we? I am very fortunate and blessed to have been raised in a Christian home. I grew up going to…

Faith Prayer

How to Pray Effectively in 10 Simple Steps

July 10, 2018
How to pray effectively in 10 Simple Steps

Learning how to pray effectively can be tough. Are you trying to spend more time in prayer but you just keep getting stuck? You’re bored. You feel like you’re repeating the same thing over and over. Your mind is constantly wandering about all of the things you need to do or you’re starting to think you’re talking to yourself. Yep, been there. These types of frustrations will lead…

Faith Prayer

5 Compelling Reasons Why You Should Pray

June 27, 2018
5 Compelling Reasons Why We Should Pray

Why should we pray? I gotta admit, I kinda love this question. I mean, what the heck is the point of prayer? Prayer is powerful thing. We hear that all the time. But why is prayer so powerful? What exactly happens when we pray? I think one of the biggest reasons why people pray is to get answers. And you know, I would put myself in that category,…

Bible Verses Faith

20 Bible Verses to Calm an Anxious Mind

May 10, 2018
Bible verses about anxiety

Hello there. If you’re reading these bible verses about anxiety, then either you or someone you know struggles with anxiety. If this is you, then you are probably already aware of how the thoughts in your own head can feel like a losing battle. Our thoughts are powerful, and the way we think can have negative effects on our health and well-being. When you feel like your anxiety…

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5 Surprising Things the Bible Says About Fear

April 26, 2018
5 surprising things the bible says about fear

It’s interesting what the Bible says about fear. I had never thought too much about it until my pastor brought it to my attention. One [Sun]day I was sitting in church listening to the sermon. Halfway through the sermon, my pastor said something very interesting. He said, “do you know what the most frequent command in the Bible is?”. He paused for a moment allowing us time to…