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Blogging Resources

Blogging Resources



SiteGround – I recommend hosting your site through SiteGround because it is a great company that offers FREE daily backups (this is important!) and EXCELLENT customer service. They are super affordable and a great hosting plan to go with. You can use my link for some great discounts, too!


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Solo Pine – I absolutely love Solo Pine. Beautiful designs, excellent customer service, and easily customizable themes. Love love love. I am currently loving the Alder theme, however I am also a massive fan of Redwood and would have used that one except it isn’t compatible with WooCommerce. However Alder is beautiful and I am very happy with my choice.


Avada – The other theme that I’m in love with is Avada. The biggest reason to go with Avada is because it is highly customizable. If you want something completely unique to you, then this is a great option. If I ever switch from Solo Pine I plan on using Avada and hiring a web designer to create something unique to my style and personality.


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Start your blog the right way


Blogging Courses


I wish I had invested in blogging courses from Day 1. My learning curve into the world of Blogland would have been faster, and I 100% believe I would be further along by now. Educating yourself properly is key because you’ll find that 80% of the “How to Blog” information online is out of date. I have purchased many courses on blogging and I can say that some were worth the money, while others were not. The courses I have listed below are the ones that I absolutely believe in and know they willI help you with your own blogging success.


The Billionaire Blog Club – The Billionaire Blog Club is by far my favorite and most useful course. If you can only invest in one course, this needs to be it! The Billionaire Blog Club (or the BBC) was founded and created by Paul Scrivens, who is making upward of $30,000 a month and owns multiple blogs in multiple niches. Unlike other courses you will find, the BBC is not a resource for one specific aspect of blogging, but instead encompasses ALL of the important aspects of blogging. I’d suggest taking Paul’s free 12-day blogging bootcamp to learn more about what he offers. ?



Tailwind – As far as Pinterest schedulers go, Tailwind is definitely my top choice. They are an approved official Pinterest partner and the only one that truly matters (no offense to the others).


The Billionaire Blog Club mentioned above will cover how to use Pinterest to grow your blog, however because a solid understand of Pinterest is imperative to growth, I also recommend the below courses as well. 


Pinning Perfect – Hands down Pinning Perfect is the perfect course to learn the ins and outs of Pinterest. If you want to start your Pinterest-strategy the right way, then this course is for you. It is very thorough and covers everything Pinterest-related really well, leaving few questions unanswered. Melissa also has a fantastic email response rate if you do have questions, which is amazing. See here for course details and current price


Pinterest Strategies – This course is incredibly insightful, but also super affordable. Carly was determined to grow her blog with Pinterest by manually pinning, and she somehow cracked the code. She grew her blog from 0 to over 200,000 pageviews within 9 months, which is a crazy awesome feat. After using her strategies I had two pons go viral within the same month. See here for course details and current price


PIMP (Pinterest Improvement Master Plan) – I consider the Pinterest Improvement Master Plan a must, however, only take it after you have a firm understanding of the basics of Pinterest. It seriously will blow your mind. There’s so much information packed into this course, I had to rewatch the videos about 3 times. This is the only course I’ve taken that really goes beyond the basics and breaks down how and why Pinterest works the way it does. Jennifer has said she’s increasing the price soon, so if you want it be sure you snap it up! See here for course details and current price


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Affiliate Marketing 

 Making Sense of Affiliate Marketing – This course is created by a leader in the blogging world who makes around $50,000 per month from affiliate marketing alone. So pretty much you can assume she knows what she’s doing. I loved her course and though she laid the information out in a simply and easy to understand way. See here for course details and current price



Besides Pinterest, the other most effective way to get more blog traffic is by optimizing your blog posts for SEO. You achieve this by using keywords which help your posts rank in search engines such as Google. 


Stupid Simple SEO – I cannot stress enough how amazing this course is. Learning SEO is notorious for being complicated and confusing, but the way Mike lays everything out for you, it’s easy to absorb and apply. This course is jam-packed with information and is definitely worth every penny. Highly, highly recommend! See here for course details and current price


Yoast SEO –  Every blogger needs this plugin. Yoast SEO is a free plugin that helps you optimize your posts for SEO so you can rank higher in Google search results. 


Keysearch – Definitely use Keysearch if you want to up your SEO game. Keyserach is a keyword research tool that takes the guessing game out of searching for long tail keywords.  By using this tool, you can quickly determine if you have a chance of ranking for any keyword you choose. PS: Get 20% off of Keysearch (use code “KSDISC”) with my link to get a feel for how it works.


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I personally love and use all of these products however you will find that there are affiliate links in this post. This means I will earn a small commission on any sales made, at no extra cost to you – if interested you can check out my disclosure policy here. I truly appreciate your support as it helps cover the costs of running this site, so thank you in advance!