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Antelope Canyon X by Taadidiin Tours: Discover Why It’s the Best Antelope Canyon Tour!

Antelope Canyon X by Taadidiin Tours

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Antelope Canyon X by Taadidiin Tours is by far the best Antelope Canyon tour!  You heard right, forget Upper Antelope Canyon and Lower Antelope Canyon. Although the Upper and Lower Canyons are beautiful, due to their popularity the overall the experience is not nearly as magical as it was just a few years ago.


Expect to pay exorbitant prices for tours that are overcrowded and shuffle you through the canyons like cattle. Finding peace and solitude in the canyons these days is basically non-existent. For the photography lovers out there, it’ll also be extremely difficult to take a decent photo without people in the way.


This is why I was so relieved to discover Antelope Canyon X by Taadidiin Tours. What an amazing find! I think you’ll love this canyon as much as I do, and I’m so excited to share with you why Antelope Canyon X is such an amazing option. 


Antelope Canyon X by Taadidiin Tours


Antelope Canyon X by Taadidiin Tours: The Best Antelope Canyon Tour!

What is Antelope Canyon X

Okay, I know what you’re probably thinking. What is Antelope Canyon X, and why is it less popular than Upper or Lower Antelope Canyon? Well, it might helpful if I explain how Upper Antelope Canyon became a world-wide famous travel destination in the first place. Australian photographer Peter Lik photographed an Upper Antelope Canyon light beam called “Phantom” and sold it for a record breaking 6.5 million!!


Since then, Upper Antelope Canyon has been famous, and it’s directly related to why Upper Antelope Canyon is more expensive than Lower Antelope Canyon.


However the truth is there are slot canyons all around Page, Arizona that are equally as amazing as Upper Antelope Canyon. Recently Antelope Canyon X has risen in popularity because Taadidiin Tours now runs excellent tour groups to the canyon on a regular basis. 


Why Visit Antelope Canyon X? 

I personally LOVED touring Antelope Canyon X basically because it is lesser well known. For starters, Antelope Canyon X has a light beam! Light beams are streams of light that come through the top of the canyon when the sun is directly above the sky on sunny days. They are magnificent to see!


The light beam is what truly made Upper Antelope Canyon famous, however, not all canyons have this affect. A con of choosing to visit Lower Antelope Canyon is there are no light beams, or at least they’re extremely rare. 


Antelope Canyon X by Taadidiin Tours


Another thing that really stood out to me was with Antelope Canyon X you are more likely to book a tour during “prime time” in order to see the light beam. Typically booking a tour at the “prime time” is a bit more expensive, and also tends to booked out weeks in advance. If not months in advance.


However I was able to book a tour with Antelope Canyon X only the night before my visit at the “prime time” when light beams are more likely to occur. And this was in June, which is typically peak tourist season!


Antelope Canyon X is also more affordable. The hiking tour currently runs at $40, and that includes the $8.00 Navajo Hiking Permit. Pretty good deal. 


Antelope Canyon X by Taadidiin Tours


Antelope Canyon vs. Antelope Canyon X

I know you’re probably wanting a direct comparison between the canyons, so I’ll lay out some information for you. 


Upper and Lower Antelope Canyon

Upper and Lower Antelope Canyon tends to be way more crowded. For the fellow photographer lovers out there, you’ll find that when it’s busy like this it’s nearly impossible to get a decent photo without other people in it. Not to mention trying to get a photo of you in the shot as well. 


In order to avoid this, many people opt for purchasing a photography tour which is more expensive, however offers a slower-paced tour and allows around 2 hours or more inside the canyon.


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Antelope Canyon X

With Antelope Canyon X you are definitely not rushed during your tour. Taadidiin Tours give you plenty of time to walk around and explore the canyon a bit, which I personally loved. 


You would never know it by my photos, but I was actually traveling solo on this trip. So naturally, I didn’t have anyone there who could take my photos. The guides were super nice and offered to take photos of the solo travelers in the best spots throughout the canyon, which I naturally loved. I found that the Antelope Canyon X guides are definitely more willing to accommodate you and provide personal attention than with the other Antelope Canyon tours.


You also don’t have to worry about crowds. Actually, only once did I even see another tour. Most of the time we had the canyons all to ourselves.


Many people are also worried about the difficulty in hiking through the canyons. You definitely don’t have to worry about that with Antelope Canyon X. There were elderly on the tour with me, and everyone managed perfectly fine. 🙂


My tour guide used to be a guide for Upper Antelope Canyon and during our tour, he said the difference in the two tours is incomparable. Because of the Upper Antelope Canyon’s popularity, the tours are often delayed by 45 minutes or more, and people have to wait outside in the hot Page, Arizona heat for the tour to begin. It can get upward of 100 degrees Fahrenheit (40 degrees Celcius) in Arizona, which is actually quite dangerous.


Once again, I am really happy I went with Antelope Canyon X. The tour and overall experience was amazing. 


Antelope Canyon X by Taadidiin Tours


Antelope Canyon X Tours: Taadidiin Tours

Alrighty, now that we’ve talked a bit on what Antelope Canyon X is and why it’s a great option, let’s discuss tour companies. Or, tour company, since there’s only one company that tours this canyon. ?


Let me introduce you to Antelope Canyon X by Taadidiin Tours.


With Antelope Canyon X by Taadidiin Tours, I saved time, money, and more importantly, I was able to enjoy the canyon at my own pace. I received one-on-one attention from the guides, the canyons weren’t crowded, and I was able to take unique photos without being rushed.


Did I mention the Antelope Canyon guide even let us hang out in the canyon an extra 30 minutes making sure we could see the light beam! Basically, everything about this tour was amazing and I give it two thumbs up.


Antelope Canyon X by Taadidiin Tours


Antelope Canyon X Photography Tours

I am pleased to say that Antelope Canyon X does provide photography tours!


The main difference between the traditional hiking tour and the photography tour is you’re allowed extra time in the canyon (2-3 hours instead of 1-1.5). During the photography tour you are also allowed to bring a tripod with you (the regular tour you are not) as well as a large backpack. 


 PS: View my favorite tripod here.  It’s lightweight but still sturdy. So basically it’s perfect for travel and I seriously take it everywhere!


This is a perfect option for the true photographers out there wanting to a long exposure shot that wouldn’t be possible during a normal tour. 


If you’re curious what camera I used for these photos, check out this blog post here all about my switch from a chunky DSLR to a snazzy new mirrorless camera!


Antelope Canyon X by Taadidiin Tours: The Details

*As of August 2018


Antelope Canyon X Hiking Tour – 1 to 1.5 hours (I did this one!)

Adult (12 & older)  $40.00

Child (8-11)              $20.00

Child (0-7)                $FREE


Antelope Canyon X Photography Tour – 2 to 3 hours

Everyone                 $80.00

*Reservation recommended


Taadidiin Tours Includes:

  • Navajo Nation Hiking Permit
  • Water is provided
  • All major credit cards accepted


Taadidiin Tours Location

Google Maps

Highway 98 Mile post 308


Taadidiin Tours Business Hours

Mar. 1 – Oct. 31: 8am – 4pm (MST)

Nov. 1 – Feb. 29: 9am – 3pm (MST)


Taadidiin Tours Contact Information

Phone: (928) 660-8961




Antelope Canyon X by Taadidiin Tours


I know this post probably sounds like it is sponsored, but I promise you it is not. All opinions are my own. 🙂 Antelope Canyon X with Taadidiin Tours was truly an amazing experience and I am confident that you will love it too!



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Antelope Canyon X by Taadidiin Tours


Have you toured with Antelope Canyon X by Taadidiin Tours? Love to know your thoughts below!

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  1. Estella Catron

    What time of day did you do your tour?

  2. Anonymous

    What camera was used for your photos? Was it a DSLR? They look great

  3. Marcus

    Times have changed since 2017. Canyon X has raised prices, it’s now more expensive than Lower Antelope Canyon. Coach buses line the parking lot and we had trouble booking tickets in the summer. We were disappointed in our tour of Canyon X and stayed an extra day to tour Lower Antelope Canyon. We enjoyed Lower Antelope Canyon much more, it was a bit more crowded but immensely more beautiful and so long, it kept going and going! Seems like Canyon X is another victim of it’s own popularity.


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