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The 5 Best Street Tacos in San Diego You HAVE to Try!

Best Street Tacos San Diego

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Finding the best San Diego street tacos is something I take very seriously. Two things you should know about me, no matter where I go I WILL find the best street tacos and the best coffee shops. Period.


I have yet to find a city that does street tacos better than San Diego, except for maybe the holy grail of street tacos, Mexico herself. I have been to countless taco bars in search of the best street tacos in San Diego. Some were fancy overpriced hipster digs and others were just little hole in the walls that were definitely not fit for Instagram.


You see, you can find street tacos served in just about every Mexican restaurant in San Diego, so where do you go? Who can you trust?


That’s what I’m here for. I have meticulously chosen the Top 5 best street tacos in San Diego. Give them a try, you definitely won’t be disappointed. 🙂 And if you find a new spot, please tag me. 🙂


The 5 Best Street Tacos in San Diego You HAVE to Try!


1. The Taco Stand – Google Maps

I couldn’t wait to share the best for last. The Taco Stand is THE BEST, so we’re starting here. All I can say is…yummm!


The Taco Stand is hands down my favorite street taco spot in San Diego. Located in beautiful La Jolla, you will rarely find this place without a line. I’ve literally tried just about everything on the menu, and trust me, you really can’t go wrong.


I love the carne asada tacos, but besides that, the loaded fries are to die for!


Best Street Tacos San Diego - The Taco Stand


2. Oscar’s Mexican Seafood – Google Maps

Oscar’s is a small street taco chain with a few locations around San Diego. I’ve had people argue that Oscar’s is actually their favorite, and if you’re more into fish tacos, then maybe I can see why. The fish tacos are pretty amazing. 


Don’t forget to try the green and pink cream sauce! You’ll want to pour it all over your street tacos.


Best Street Tacos San Diego - Oscars Mexican Seafood


3. Tacos El Gordo – Google Maps

Tacos El Gordo is a no frills fast-food-esque taqueria with multiple locations in San Diego. Trust me, the street tacos here are AH-MAZING.


Tacos El Gordo originated in Tijuana, Mexico, and now available in two locations in San Diego. You will rarely visit the Chula Vista location of Tacos El Gordo without a line. They seem to ALWAYS be packed. 


Not only do they serve some of the best street tacos in San Diego, but they also offer FREE grilled onions and peppers on the side! For an added bonus, I love that the fountain drinks include Mexican sodas and agua fresca like horchata and jamaica.


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Best Street Tacos San Diego - Tacos El Gordo


4. City Tacos – Google Maps

Located in trendy North Park, City Tacos is definitely the best hipster street taco spot!


This place is extremely innovative with their menu. You’ll end up ordering way too much food under the pretense of,  “I just want to try it”. Some unique favs are the Chorizo Asado taco with caramelized pineapple and the Bunuelo dessert taco featuring cinnamon and sugar, flambeed granny apples and raisins, and topped with cream cheese and caramel. #YUM


Best Street Tacos San Diego - City Tacos North Park


5. Tacos Perla  – Google Maps

Also located in North Park (and also featuring a trendy aesthetic) meet Tacos Perla. At Tacos Perla the food is not only tasty, but the aesthetic also creates a super fun atmosphere.


You’ll find that the tortillas are a bit thicker than you’re probably normally used to. They are clearly made in-house, which I like. I was impressed by the unique flavors served such as El Futbol, which includes smoked albacore and green chile pipian (pumpkin seed sauce).


Best Street Tacos San Diego - Tacos Perla North Park


I hope you enjoyed this list of the best street tacos in San Diego. Honestly, if you decide to visit any of these locations you won’t regret it. And neither will your taste buds. 😉 If you plan on spending a few days in San Diego, check out a few of my other posts that I know will be helpful. 🙂


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Best Street Tacos San Diego


What do you think are the best street tacos in San Diego? Let me know below!

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