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The 10 Best Tropical Destinations to Visit in January

January 17, 2017
Thailand - Best Tropical Destination to Visit in JanuaryThailand - Best Tropical Destination to Visit in January
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Are you thinking of going to a tropical destination in January? I think you should! January is one of the best times of the year to travel, and why not go somewhere tropical? So no more winter blues, I’ve put together a list of the 10 best tropical destinations to visit in January! Let’s go!

Jack Harter Helicopter Tour Kauai

The 10 Best Tropical Destinations to Visit in January

1. Hawaii

Princeville, Kauai, Hawaii - Best Tropical Destination to Visit in January

Ah Hawaii. It is true paradise here. With warm weather year round – even in the middle of winter – you really can’t go wrong. You’ll see tropical flowers and trees blooming no matter what time of year you decide to go. There might be a bit of rainfall in January, but surprisingly it’s not the rainiest month, instead December takes the prize.

A bonus reason to visit Hawaii in January is the yearly migration of the humpback whale. They passes right by Hawaii in the winter months. You can see them from the beach, however boat tours are also available for closer viewing.

For more info on Hawaii Whale Watching, read more here and here article.

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Whale watching, Kauai, Hawaii - Best Tropical Destination to Visit in January

2. Australia

Australia - Best Tropical Destination to Visit in January


You might not think of Australia when thinking of a tropical getaway. But Australia is actually a huge continent with varied climate zones. In fact, the northern section of Australia does have a tropical influenced climate. Interesting enough, northern New South Wales and southeast Queensland is home to the world’s largest subtropical rainforest!

3. Brazil

Brazil - Best Tropical Destination to Visit in January


January is Brazil’s summer, which means it’s the high season and it’s also the best time to visit the coastline and beaches. January can be very busy (especially in cities like Rio de Janeiro) due to the Carnival festival season fast approaching in February,

Note: Even though January is a popular for the coastline and beaches, it’s not necessarily the best time to visit the Amazon. January through June is the rainy season in the Amazon, and it’s possible that the heavy rains could affect your trip.

4. Costa Rica

Volcán Arenal, Arenal Volcano, Costa Rica - Best Tropical Destination to Visit in January


With beautiful beaches, amazing surf, tropical rainforest, and picturesque volcanoes, say hello to Costa Rica. This is the ideal tropical vacation! The dry season starts approaching in January, and it’s the best time to visit Costa Rica. While the Pacific side is nice and sunny, keep in mind the Caribbean side and central mountains can be a bit rainier.

5. South Africa

Cape Town, Africa - Best Tropical Destination to Visit in January


If you’re wanting to take a beach trip in Cape Town, the best time to do it is January through April. These months are the city’s summer months. True high season runs from March to May, so a bonus for visiting in January is you can expect a less expensive visit. The cherry on top is if you’re traveling in early January, you can experience Cape Town’s largest carnival, Kaapse Klopse (Cape Minstres Carnival or Cape Town New Year Karnaval), which begins January 2nd.

Just watch out for those great whites! (Shark Week anyone? – yeah, it scares me)

6. Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka - Best Tropical Destination to Visit in January


So, Sri Lanka is a bit complicated.  Sri Lanka is a small island, yet, it happens to be affected by two separate monsoons. So this means usually somewhere on the island there will be good weather whenever you decide to visit.

In January, the best place to visit is the west and south coasts, meaning you’ll want to avoid the east coast. This is good news because the west coast is the point of arrival for all visitors, and also the most developed and populated area, including Sri Lanka’s capital, Colombo.

7. Cuba

Rancho Luna Beach, Cienfuegos, Cuba - 20 Photos to Inspire You to Visit Cienfuegos and Trinidad, Cuba

Are you craving a cubano and a little bit of salsa dancing? Well you should be, because January is an excellent time to visit Cuba! Although you can expect beautiful and sunny weather, the temperatures remain a bit cooler, and don’t fully warm up until March and April. This leaves January as the perfect time to sightsee around Cuba without the tourism masses.

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8. Thailand

Thailand - Best Tropical Destination to Visit in January

January is Thailand’s peak season, and for good reason – the weather is amazing! If you’ve traveled to Thailand during the rainy season, you might have thought a monsoon hit the country. However, in January (aka the dry season), there is plenty of sunshine to go around. No matter where you go in Thailand, the Andaman Coast, the Gulf of Thailand, Bangkok, or Chaing Mai, it’s all gorgeous in January.

The only downside to visiting Thailand in January is you will definitely need to plan ahead. Everything can and will get booked. Prices will also be higher during this month. But hey, I guess there’s a price for perfect weather in paradise.

Note: Generally speaking, Southeast Asia is a dreamboat in January! 

9. Cambodia

Angkor Wat, Cambodia - Best Tropical Destination to Visit in January

Have you been dying to see the famous temples of Angkor Wat? Well, January is the time to do it! In January Cambodia has clear skies, little to no rain, and a temperate climate. Just be sure to get to the temples early. It’s the peak tourist season, and the temples will get crowded.

10. Burma/Myanmar

Bagan, Burma/Myanmar -  Best Tropical Destination to Visit in January


Since the borders have opened, tourists have flocked to Burma. The breathtaking temples of Bagan stir up wanderlust in just about every traveler.

If you are dying to see all that Burma has to offer, January is the perfect time to visit. Being the largest country in Southeast Asia, you’ll find everything you’re looking for: mountain ranges, beautiful lakes, and white sandy beaches in this fascinating country.


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Thailand - Best Tropical Destination to Visit in JanuaryThailand - Best Tropical Destination to Visit in January

What are your favorite tropical destinations to visit in January? Love to know in the comments below!


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