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10 Christian Easter Basket Ideas for Kids

Christian Themed Easter Basket Ideas

Easter is one of my favorite holidays! The weather’s getting warmer, spring flowers are blooming, and oh yeah, it’s the day we celebrate the resurrection of Jesus Christ. I mean, what’s not to love? ?


If your goal is to keep Easter focused on the resurrection of Christ, I’m totally with you. Nowadays it may seem difficult and overly commercialized, but don’t worry, it’s totally do-able! To help you out I’ve put together a list of Christian-themed Easter basket ideas for the kiddos. Now before you get the wrong idea, PLEASE, still give your kids the candy. I mean, what would Easter be without chocolate-molded bunnies and marshmallow peeps? 🙂  But, also add in some Christ-centered gifts as well! This is the perfect way to remind them of the TRUE meaning of Easter so they are raised loving their peeps and their resurrection eggs (you’ll find out what that is below!).


10 Christian Easter Basket Ideas for Kids


1. Resurrection Eggs

Resurrection eggs are such a great way to keep the egg tradition alive and also tie in how Jesus is the the resurrection and the life. Here are a few of my favorite ways to do this!


2. Storybook Bibles

These storybook bibles are super popular and the perfect way to introduce stories from the Bible to your children! 


3. Christ-Centered Easter Books

There are many wonderful Easter books about the resurrection story. Reading these together with your children is the perfect way to help focus their attention on the true meaning of Easter.



4. Christian Apparel

Children’s tshirts

OMG why weren’t these around when I was kid? Aren’t these Christian t-shirts just the cutest?? I am obsessed with them and I think they are such a fun way for kids to wear Christian clothing. 



I run on Jesus & cupcakes

I will praise the Lord with my whole heart

Jesus is Dinomite

May the Lord be with you (Star Wars)

The Faith is strong with this one

Beloved Wild Child


“Jesus Saves Bro” Tshirt

I am a BIG fan of the “Jesus Saves Bro” tshirt! I think they are so cute, and they come in a variety of colors and sizes. It’s perfect because you can get a light pink for the girls and navy blue for the boys. They even have Jesus Saves Bro infant tee’s and shirts for adults as well. Everyone in the family can wear one! And if it’s a chilly Easter, you can even get a Jesus Saves Bro sweatshirt


5. Children’s Devotionals

I love these children’s devotionals! They are a great way to get the word of God deeply rooted into your child’s heart.


6. Cross Jewelry

I think these sideways cross bracelets and necklaces are such a fun wear to wear a cross! I have a necklace one and wear it ALL the time. It’s so cute, and I find it to be a unique way to rep the cross.


7. Bible Journals

These kids journals are so cute, and super fun as well. I wish I had them when I was growing up, especially the mermaid one (come on, who’s with me?).


8. Doodle Prayer Journal & Stickers

These doodle prayer journals are the perfect Easter gift for girls who like to draw! They’re a great way to connect with God and remind your children how amazing God thinks they are, all while having fun!


These stickers are so adorable and a perfect addition to their bible journal or doodle journals!


9. Easter Movies

These Easter movies are amazing. 🙂 They’re engaging and fun for kids to watch, and wonderfully share the story of Jesus Christ. 


10. Easter Crafts

Saving the best for last because this is probably my favorite Easter gift idea…CRAFTS! When I was a kid I loved creating things and I think yours will too!



Do you have other Christian-themed Easter basket ideas for kids? I’d love to know below!


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Christian Themed Easter Basket Ideas

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